The „eatable“ tree – Moringa Oleifera Tree is a true miracle tree!

Moringa is a Nutrition Bomb packed with vitamins, minerals, aminoacids and more. All natural and in a perfect balanced mix, extremely good for high availability.

Moringa oleifera, for many good reasons, in his homeland, the Himalayan region, it is called the „tree of life“. Its special feature is the extremely high levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In addition to the essential amino acids such as leucine and arginine, the leaves of the tree contain among others, vitamins A, B1, B2, niacin, B6, biotin, C, D, E, K and the minerals calcium, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Moringa oleifera has an exceptionally high ORAC value* of over 50,000 mol / 100 g, which expresses the antioxidant potential. – Moringa oleifera is the ultimate nutrition kick for every day!

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Recent studies provided the evidence: Moringa can feed, nourish, prevent, help regulate, protect and repair. The reason: All parts of the tree, provide an optimal nutrient spectrum, in a synergistic composition with high bioavailability. The Moringapowder from the leaves, oils from the seeds of the fruit and the roots are very high quality both in natural medicine as well as food supplements. The rearing of Moringa sprout yourself at home, is very simple and the fast-growing plants are a boon to any kitchen. When buying products of the moringa oleifera tree, make sure of the quality and origin. We tested almost all products available here in Europe and chose our #1:

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The main substances in moringa are composed naturally in such a way that they support each other in their function. An optimal food or food supplements should not have to be mixed together. This is a significant advantage over synthetic food supplements in pill, capsule, or concentrate form. In some countries, moringa products are used since centuries for various ailments and diseases.

„Over the past 15 years intensive research has been made on moringa oleifera. The new findings encouraged and revealed that moringa can make a significant contribution to the promotion of health, not only in the less developed countries, but everywhere in the world. Especially important is the contribution as a food supplement for all ages. In warm countries, the nutritional value made in baby and young child feeding sensation. “ Prof. Dr. Klaus Becker – University of Hohenheim (GERMANY) in August 2009.

Moringa contains 18 of the 20 known amino acids.


We distinguish between the essential and non-essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are the ones, the body cannot produce itself and therefore must be supplied to the organism in the diet or by supplementation. Non-essential amino acids, however, are ones the body can produce itself, but the blocks must also be taken of the food. All essential amino acids are shown in moringa.


  • At work – more endurance and stability
  • On the UNI – improved concentration
  • At school – improved attention and balance
  • In sports – more stamina, energy and power
  • Allround supply for the vegan and vegetarian diet
  • Vitamin bomb for pregnant and nursing mothers
  • During menopause – pure nutrient
  • For girls in puberty – balance and peace
  • Vitality into old age for all seniors
  • For cholesterol-conscious diabetics
  • For the low carb diet



Researchers now have studied moringa very well. What first seemed to be another hype on exotic superfoods, it is now based on scientific research that moringa is a natural power pack!

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